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Chili's Grill & Bar is an American casual dining restaurant chain. The company was founded by Larry Lavine in Texas in 1975 and is currently owned and operated by Brinker International.

Kathy angrily mentioned, "Ordered on July 23rd. I ordered 4 appetizers and 1 dinner. Chicken wings were raw. 2 of the appetizers were too salty. Called manager and was getting refund, never did. Boynton Beach location. I called Corporate and they only refunded raw chicken wings. I was told they would refund all that was thrown away. Nobody called me to apologize. I wish I could post photos of raw chicken, or better yet gone back to have the manager try them. Last time I go to Chili's and I will tell EVERYONE about raw and salty food they serve."


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Current Employee - Line Cook says

"Management. They don't care about anything but their bonus."

Former Employee - Server/Waiter says

"Low pay, poor management, to go pay ridiculous"

Former Employee - Busser/Runner says

"They over worked us and kept unsanitary conditions"

Current Employee - Server/Waitress says

"Everything! Omg, it is awful. Constantly being harassed by managers and everyone. Everyone is allowed to treat people badly. Basically a compete circus and all the animals are loose. No one is in charge, this has its pros and cons, but there is serious security threats when you allow anything to happen. They steal from you and threaten you."

Former Employee - Bartender says

"Horrible clientele and a poor management make it extremely difficult to work for"

Current Employee - Cook says

"None, poor pay and managers who don't care about anything. Company only cares about bottom line"

Former Employee - Server says

"Poor Management, no breaks, no lunch"

Former Employee - Server, Bartender says

"Corporate and Managers Don't Care"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very unprofessional management staff-no one is held accountable that should be; schedule constantly being changed w/o notice; no communication"

Former Employee - Server/Waiter says

"Horrible management that treats their employees like dirt."

Dishwasher/BOH Prep (Former Employee) says

"I was harassed by other employees the cooks/cleaner and waitresses throw plates and are lazy know it alls attitudes Food poisoning should be normal for customers as lazy waitresses were setting clean silverware on stainless sink where raw meat was prepared Managers play favortizum and give free food and alcohol to their friends I was told by manager to continue to work with unsafe equipment and good employees don't get raises they just get told to do more work its a complete she it hole (b4 c-19).Free cheap food if your not friends w/ managerNo breaks if your a dish washer"

Server-Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Chili’s runs like a fast food restaurant with not enough help, caters to the guest that love to complain and want free things. Everyone is pulled in too many directions. NoneEverything"

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"I just tried to apply online, only to be logged off when I selected that I was over 40? Really? You are denying me even the opportunity to finish the application because of my age? This is discrimination and I am calling the Labor Board to report this company and you application site. As soon as I put under 40, I was able to proceed. This is wrong on so many levels. I will not ever frequent you establishment again. WRONG"

line cook (Former Employee) says

"While working for this company, you will find yourself in a position to choose to keep a job under hostile conditions or you will be without a job. Management does not care about you and discrimination is high here. Discounts on foodFavoritism, discrimination"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"at a time was good friends that all worked together... age discriminating and illegal activity between management and certain employees so those employees can still collect unemployment benefits. extremely unhappy harassment from managementnone unless you are manager's favoriteeverything"

Shift Lead / Bar Server / Trainer (Current Employee) says

"All the elements of a badly ran company from the Top down to management in-house. No support from either echelon.Everything runs autonomously, because management does not know how to manage. In turn the Servers are more of the controller on the ground, which the Lazy manager doesn’t mind. I could go and on. The worse company to ever have been employed by. I resigned. NoneSkullduggery, backbiting, backstabbing. Etc, etc......"

Server (Former Employee) says

"This company didn’t care about us at all during this pandemic and even less before hand. I would never work for chili’s again. Over a year and a half of my life wasted there. Everything"

Server/Bartender/Food Runner (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Riverton, UT store. They were and continue to claim that they are hiring servers and bartenders. I applied for both and was offered both but given neither. They asked me if I would foodrun for them for a couple of weeks. 6 weeks later, I'm still only getting foodrunning shifts. Every time I asked when I was going to get my serving shifts they simply ducked the question. As a foodrunner, I was going home with about $8 an hour. I filed a complaint with HR. The representative was rude and dismissive. Do not work for these crooks.NoneSociopathic managers, lazy coworkers, low pay, no respect"

Everything (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional Management Long Hours High School Atmosphere (Drama) Minimal Pay Co-Worker’s lack teamwork Overall This Company Sucks Save Yourself Apply ElsewhereDay offWaisted time and money"

Cook and Quality Assurance (Current Employee) says

"There is no accountability for people’s actions here, everyone calls out or blatantly ignores parts of their job thinking someone else will do it. The managers will tell you to quit and find a new job rather than trying to fix the issue that you are having. There is 0 morale and I would highly suggest never working here.NoneEverything"

Hostess/ToGo (Former Employee) says

"DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT WORK FOR CHILIS IN LAWTON! They play nice and pretend to be your friend but then go behind your back and take from you! I was a hostess and did a few other positions (that I didn't get the proper pay for). I was told I was getting paid 8.50 an hour but they went in and changed my pay from 8.50 to 7.25!! For 9 months I was being paid that and when questioned they continued to lie to me about my pay and refused to give me pay stubs until it was tax season, even then they refused to give me MY TAXES! I got another job to help pick up the slack to where they agreed to work with me and their schedule but then threaten to fire me over it. They play favorites and don't appreciate the REAL hard workers who give everything for the company. Chilis overall is great just not the one in Lawton. Serves them right to be the WORST chilis in Oklahoma probably the worst in the country, wouldn't surprise me.some friendly coworkersterrible management"

Server / Bar Server (Current Employee) says

"I had been working at chili’s in Moreno Valley for a few years and I’ve never seen a company go so down hill so fast! Corporate does not care about you and want you to pay the cooks wages. We as servers are expected to tip out 5.5 percent of our sales for the night to distribute to cooks/dishwashers/food runners/bartenders ect. For example, typical chili’s Tuesday night will give you 1000$ in sales that means I am expected to tip out 55$ of the little money I made that night!"

Server/Bartender/Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Nothing but lazy people work here I dislike the management, when I got hired they made it seem like it was something they are not, the only good thing was the money I was making"

Cocinero A (Former Employee) says

"mala paga y haciendo menos a los nuevos en el trabajo"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"I honestly don't know where to begin. Your day will typically start out with the opening manager being 15-30 minutes late. When you do get into the building the place is usually trashed from the night before because the closing manager doesn't care and the GM won't hold anyone accountable because he's just as bad as everyone else. Your workload for the day will be ridiculously overwhelming but don't expect any help from the managers. They'll be far too busy keeping the office seat warm while staring at the same computer screen for 30 minutes. At the end of the day when you're absolutely exhausted, filthy and disgusted the only thing you have to look forward to is coming in the next day and the next day and the next day and doing it all over again, day after day, week after week, month after month because Surprise!!! Chili's doesn't offer full-time hourly employees paid vacations."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Kitchen sucks sits on their phone ticket times are so long mangers don't do anything they play favorites and allow certain people to do whatever they want and pick on people who are really trying to work"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Working at chilies was a terrible experience I was often over worked with little help working very long hours and making very little pay everyone I worked with was nice but not worth it"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Chili's constantly destroyed morale among it's employees. It crushed shift management, and promoted micro-management. District manager was quoted saying, "If you don't like it, then leave." when poor mid-level management was discussed.Free mealPoor management, disgusting work environment, no team work"

Restaurant Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's belong to......... But seriously its a stupid management....... Please be fair.... Be humanity. Because of strong background of this company. Doesn't means can treat us with your own rules. One day will come for you.... How many people's life was ruin by this company"

Restaurant manager / culinary manager (Former Employee) says

"The manager plays favorites and you are not promoted based on Merritt. Crew members are stuck in place if they do well and not promoted. The management staff does not run anything the crew does."

Jennifer Jhonson says

"Well. Food is good service sucks and they treat workers like crap if your Mexican your good white or black they treat you bad and they don't care im calling the labor bourd monday and immigration monday. Oh and this one is in Fort worth Texas. Since no one cares they might after im done."

Evan says

"I visited the location 1700 Newbury Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA about 2 weeks ago, and it was horrible. The waiters and waitresses were rude, dismissed my group because we looked young, and served me not only an expired beer, but also completely forgot one of my group's orders. The food was good, but the expired beverages, forgotten food, and rude servers will make me never visit this location again."

Lynn Schilling says

"Food was great; service was terrible. I waited 20 minutes just to place my dinner order and the place was not busy at all. I actually got up to seek out the waitress. Upon finishing my meal I waited another 20 minutes to get my check. Restaurants should be trying a lot harder to provide excellent service; especially now during all the COVID setbacks. Table was sticky and not very clean and bathrooms were not clean either!"

paul says

"These are the nastiest place to eat, and they have no sanitation methods. They cook without gloves, the manager from the store 2740 Carl T Jones in Huntsville; AL is the most incompetent and nasty person I ever meet. He doesn’t care about the COVID-19; they refuse to deliver orders to the to-go parking lot. You all must stop eating in places like this, a very nasty person."

Jane L says

"Ordered with online App and immediately received the text "Text the word HERE when you arrive!". I thought this was great so that is exactly what I did when I arrived. Immediately a server comes running out and asks my name. I told her I responded with "HERE" on the App and she said "Oh, we don't have access to that and have to ask..." REALLY!!!!!!! Why have something if the employees cannot use it. Makes no sense."

Anne says

"Chili's Bar & Grill 4609 Poplar Memphis, TN 38117 #43. I called in and was on hold for 21 minutes, no one answered the phone. I asked the young man in the to-go area why no one was answering the phones. The employee (Randy) was rude stating he was the only one working the area "he had to answer the phones, take the orders, bag the orders and take them to the guests". He stated that I couldn't place my order inside and that I had to go wait outside in my car. He finally takes the order when I get to my destination my order is wrong. I called and asked to speak to a manager. Randy stated he was the manager and started to argue with me that my order was not wrong. He stated that I must have been upset and gotten my order wrong. I order 2 Triple Dippers both with wings, and egg rolls 1 with crispers (the crispers were cold and hard) and 1 with tenders. I did not received the southwestern egg rolls in either order. I always get the Southwestern Egg Rolls, the egg rolls are the only reason I go to Chili's Randy stated that I could call back tomorrow and it will be with the same results. This was a very unsatisfactory experience."

Ronald Pigeon says

"Ordered over the phone in Stafford VA Chili's. Let them know Not to make order too soon would pick up at 630pm it was like 515pm. Arrived picked up the food got home food was s stone cold. It is only 5min from my home. Apparently they did the order early. Or they are reheating food for orders. Food was ok once nuked. And they expect a tip? For what no table no service..."

Bea says

"Are yall ever going to get it together? We've been going for years. The food is amazing, but never consistent. The poor servers are always short handed, have way too many tables to one person. The management is out right ugly to their workers in front of guests. They seem to not care and dont want to hear what anyone has to say. They just want to get you out so they dont have to hear it. If they could be better and keep their loyal hardworking consitent employees instead of running them off, the food and service would be so much better and we would go so much more often."

Kassy L says

"The chilis by my home is either a hit or a miss, depends on which cook is making it. Some days it's awesome and others downright grotesque. Servers are always pleasant though."

Andrew Lipiansky says

"Sometimes the food is pretty good, but this last time they delivered a rib eye steak, and it's the first time I've ever seen a restaurant ruin a rib eye. It was completely unseasoned, and the plain grey, rubbery surface made it look like it hadn't even touched a grill. I thought only McDonald's microwaved beef."

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